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Crane Hire │ Invercargill, Southland

Specialised crane fleet for a range of projects with certified operators

Purdue Bros Ltd have a large fleet of cranes to service a variety of different projects. All trucks come with relevant safety devices and certification to measure the weight of the loads. The cranes are operated by remote control by certified Purdue Bros crane operators.

Purdue Bros have 9 certified crane operators on their team.

Rear mounted knuckle boom crane

Purdue Bros Ltd fleet of cranes includes a rear mounted knuckle boom crane attached to a 5 axel truck. This crane can lift up to 12 tonne which makes it the ideal crane for large projects such as lifting roofing iron, roof trusses and concrete slabs. 

Man Bucket

Purdue Bros Ltd fleet includes a man bucket. With a reach of 30 metres, this bucket is attached to a crane and is used for lifting a man in to place to complete work. The bucket is certified and a Purdue Bros certified crane operator is provided with every hire. 

Common jobs a man bucket is used for include:
  • Lifting signs up and down from buildings
  • Work in and around powerlines
  • Line of sight for installing telecommunications 
  • Repairs at height to gutterings and buildings
  • Tree pruning by arborists 
The man bucket is hired out at an hourly rate. Contact Mark today to make an enquiry. 

Fly Jib

Rated to lift up to 3 tonne, Purdue Bros Ltd's fly gib is attached to a crane to give it a larger height and further distance of reach. The fly jib is used to move large objects in and out of buildings and to lift trusses and roofing iron into place. 


  • 5 Lake Street
  • Invercargill 9877
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